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Travel agents can now access the same content and functionality in Travelport Smartpoint, on the go with Travelport Mobile Agent and at home with TTS Web Agent.  


The prize was awarded to the winning project of the Technology in the Travel Industry course.


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I have been using the Travelport Mobile Agent for 2 years now.  I absolutely love it.  It makes checking for flights simple..right at your fingertips.  I have used it in a pinch to book a last minute hotel for myself while on the road.  It also makes it so simple to cancel a hotel you might not need.  Being an “Apollo” girl since 1979, I am comfortable using these formats and know how to get my answer in a very quick way.  I also escort a number of trips each year and when delays, etc. occur, it is wonderful to just pull out my phone and strategize about what the next move will be. I recently was at a Rotary meeting and one of my fellow Rotarians had a death in the family and needed to fly out west to the funeral.  I was able to pull out my phone and get her booked…just like that!  I remember her saying to me…”that’s a handy little thing you have there!”  That sums it up perfectly to me….I always have my travel agent tool in my purse and how cool is that!

Sue McCloskey |
Executive VP Travel at AAA NW Ohio

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