Developing solutions for the travel industry


How to improve customer service to empower your clients

Improve customer service to empower your clients - Checklist

Improving customer service is a never-ending challenge. Here is a checklist of things you - as a travel agent - should be paying close attention.

how to make an emotional connection in the travel industry

How to make an emotional connection with Travelers

Emotional marketing in the travel industry is designed to inspire travelers. There are several techniques you can put in action in your travel agency, check them here.

mistakes travel agents make and how to avoid them

5 Mistakes travel agents make and how to avoid them

The first step to becoming a better travel agent is to understand what you are doing wrong and how you can avoid making mistakes that affect your business. Check if you're avoiding the 5 mistakes on this list!

Big and upcoming travel trends of 2017

What are the big and upcoming travel trends of 2017?

Find out what will change in the travel industry and what trends should you keep an eye on in 2017.

3 reasons why corporate travel is here to stay

3 Reasons why Corporate Travel is here to stay

Understand how cheap airfares, the sharing economy and the role of corporate travel planners have a critical impact in the corporate travel world.

update New Distribution Capability program

An update on the New Distribution Capability (NDC) Program

As from 2016, IATA has been updating its Global Distribution System with New Distribution Capability. What impact is it having in the industry and how is the travel community accepting it?

technology role in the ressurgence of travel loyalty programs

Technology role in the resurgence of travel loyalty programs

Why did travel loyalty programs had to reinvent themselves over the last decade and what was the role of technology in this transformation?

Referrals and User-Generated Content

Referrals and User-Generated Content: the power of these tools in travel

Understand how travel agents can provide their travelers not only with trips but also with culturally enriching experiences, with the help of referrals and user-generated content (UGC).

sustainable tourism impact in travel industry

How Sustainable Tourism is impacting the Travel Industry

Learn why sustainable tourism has been gaining more traction in the last years and why it is a valuable economic tool for the travel industry.

importance of mena region for travel industry

The importance of the MENA region to the tourism industry

The MENA region is the central nexus of all travel in the Middle East and North Africa, presenting itself as a hub of leisure travel and corporate travel worldwide.

corporate travelers

Who are the business travelers and how do they behave?

Learn who are the business travelers of the 21st century and how they behave in a world where travel and technology are closely linked.

disintermediation of travel

The Disintermediation of Travel

Understand how travel disintermediation - helping customers get more direct access to items or services by reducing or eliminating third parties - can benefit you, both as a traveler and as a travel agent.