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Travelport Mobile Agent releases the Email Templates add-on


Yesterday a brand new add-on was release for Travelport Mobile Agent!

As from March 14th users can now subscribe to Email Templates, the add-on created to help travel agents make the most of their time and improve their customers' experience on the go.



Email Templates allows Travelport Mobile Agent's users to customize different emails with information from a wide variety of segments and have them ready to send to their clients when the time comes. Whether it’s a budget proposal, a cancellation, a reservation or any other type of document they need to send, it’s as simple as clicking a button.

This add-on is available for both Apollo and Galileo GDS and has a monthly cost of only 1USD/ 1EUR/ 1GBP/ 1CAD (depending on the user's market). By subscribing to this add-on users will be able to use it in TTS Web Agent as well.

But the great news is that all active users and new licenses are able to try Email Templates for free during one month to check the benefits this new tool will bring to their business and their relationship with their clients.

If you need help or have any further queries, please visit our Support Center or contact our Support Team at

Learn more about Email Templates here.