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Travelport Mobile Agent for Windows Phone


Travelport Mobile Agent is now available for Windows Phone too, being the first GDS access app developed for Windows Phone and the only one available built solely with smartphone and tablet devices in mind. Travelport Mobile Agent is now available for all the major mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Travelport Mobile Agent 3.1


- Enhanced results for Fare Shopping
- Integration of Rich Content & Branding which is accessed via Fare Shopping results. This additional price information allows:

  • quick access to the benefits and restrictions of each price
  • easy access to other fares available for a flight combination
  • access to additional airline content like photos and services.
Travelport Mobile Agent 3.0


- Brand new design
- Faster GDS response
- Enhanced GDS results to execute commands just by touching highlighted screen links
- Custom Quick Keys let you keep at hand your most used characters
- Double Window allows you to get the most out of your screen
- Latest PNRs are a quick shortcut to access the latest PNRs created, opened or changed
- Full device synchronization to offer you the exact same content on all devices: smartphones, tablets and even big screen when working with TTS Web Agent (cloud PKeys, Cloud History, Cloud My PNRs and Cloud Settings)
- Queue Watcher to easily access the PNRs in Queue
- ViewTrip integration
- Continuity which allows you to change devices and pick up where you left off, without having to EndTransact (when applicable) before changing devices
- Travel industry news feed

What's in it for you?

Increases proximity

It allows travel agents to offer something that self booking tools don't - the security of a familiar face and voice.

Improves your service level

By providing access to Travel Agents' most important working tool on mobile environment, it enables your agency to help its clients in real time, in the moment they need.

Promotes differentiation

Travelport Mobile Agent is the only solution offering access to the GDS on smartphones being the only application that really offers full mobility to Travel Agents.

Increases retention

By enabling a real 24/7 service, it promotes a stronger relation between your travel agency and its clients which will result on higher rates of client loyalty & retention.

Enhances productivity

It offers work environment access anytime, anywhere while releasing travel agents from being stuck to their desktop.

Increases value

It maximizes business opportunities since allows travel agents to service customers anytime.

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