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How to order & pricing


Standard Features

50 users per company | Unlimited Companies | No credit card required | No minimum time commitment
and over 50 additional features (click here to learn more)

  • 50 additional users
    15 USD / month per company
  • 250 additional users
    50 USD / month per company
  • 500 additional users
    75 USD / month per company
  • 1000 additional users
    100 USD / month per company
  • Travelport GDS Core Flights
  • Travelport GDS Core Hotels
  • Travelport GDS Core Rent-a-Car
  • Low Cost Flights
    3 USD / issuance
Features & Services
  • Agency Branding
    100 USD / month
  • Regions
  • Travel Policies
    40 USD / month per company
  • Private Fares
    10 USD / month per company
  • Remarks & Backoffice Integration
    5 USD / month per company
  • Offline Requests
    5 USD / month per company
  • 1250 Managed Services Credits Pack
    50 USD / 1250 credits pack

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What's in it for you?

Optimizes travel management processes

Reduces booking time and optimizes communication between agencies and their corporate clients reducing errors and misunderstandings.

Improves service

The autonomy it brings is widely perceived as better service by corporate clients which contributes to increase client loyalty and retention.

Increases productivity

Optimized communication and processes reduce administrative work enabling agents to focus more in business and less in procedure execution, while booking autonomy with automated policy validation enables travel management delegation within the companies.

Promotes transparency

Booking decisions are made with complete knowledge of all available offers while keeping access to their own and their agency negotiated fares.

Information request

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