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What's new

TTS Web Agent 1.3

​- Filters in Availability and Fare shopping;
- Support for Web Agent add-on;
- Renew License Alerts;
- Reset PKeys to default;
- Minor bug fixes.

TTS Web Agent 1.2

- Enhanced results for Fare Shopping;
- Integration of Rich Content & Branding which is accessed via Fare Shopping results. This additional price information allows:

  • quick access to the benefits and restrictions of each price;
  • easy access to other fares available for a flight combination;
  • access to additional airline content like photos and services.
TTS Web Agent 1.1

​- Double window​ which allows you to take the best out of your big screens​;
- History ​navigation ​with up and ​down keys;
- The new setting "Keep Terminal Right Panel open", gives you additional environment costumization;
- Apollo users now have a "pillow" (¤) quick key next to the command line;
- More enhanced results;
- Continuity allows you to change devices and pick up where you left off, without having to EndTransact when (applicable) before changing devices;
- Improved ​compatibility with Internet Explorer, so now TTS Web Agent is optimized to work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer latest versions;
- And multiple improvements on usability and layout​.

What's in it for you?

Supports work flexibility

Allows travel agents to work remotely decreasing the dependency from the office and giving more freedom to travel agents.

Offers better home work conditions

By being accessible through laptop or desktop it offers a better work environment to people that usually access their GDS from home using their mobile devices with Travelport Mobile Agent.

Improves travel agents life quality

Wider access to the GDS reduces the office dependency, making staying until late in the office to finish work a need from the past.

Information request

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