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GENERAL | iframe quick integration
All Travelport GDS

Supports full integration with Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan GDS.
What's new: Now, supports also Apollo and Worldspan GDS.

Easy and quick integration

iframe to be embedded in any internet webpage. No technical skills needed, you just have to copy the iframe code block and paste it on the page where you want to sell air content. You can use the iframe simultaneously in as many internet pages as you want, like your agency website, Facebook page or partners’ website.

Adaptable to your look and feel

Custom responsive iframe size and colors allow full adaptability to your look and feel.

Currency Flexibility

Uses the currencies supported by the GDS and can be customized per agency.


Supports English, Portuguese and Spanish (being prepared to accommodate other languages) and it is automatically selected based on the user’s browser preferred language.

Viewtrip integration

Integration with VIEWTRIP to send the VIEWTRIP itinerary link to the client, supporting also the agency’s VIEWTRIP White Label.

Register and Login
TTS WeBook maintains a clients’ data base with a simple and short registration form.
Login credentials are only necessary to close the booking and to access the backoffice.
What's new: Now, login is only required to close the booking.
Manage your settings

There is an available backoffice for agencies to manage their settings.

Registered clients data

Area where agencies can access their registered clients and export the information.

BOOKING | simple and quick
Best price Search

Best Price search is based on Best Buy searching method and presents the prices sorted by the cheapest price and the respective available flights.

Flights | One-Way Faring

One Way Faring is an availability & fare search method that lets users combine different fare types and carriers in one itinerary and is available for domestic Australian, domestic New Zealand and Trans-Tasman flight searches which are mainly governed by One-Way pricing. TTS WeBook supports this pricing method and offers an interface designed having this method in mind which allows the user to walk through flight results easily and quickly and combine different fare types and carriers in one itinerary.

Private Fares

Available private fares are displayed together with published fares.

Covers several Journey types

Users can search One Way, Round Trip and Multi-destination trips.
What's new: Multi-destination trips.

Covers Several PTCs

Users can search and book for adults (ADT), children (CNN), infants (INF) and infants with seat (INS).

Advanced Search Parameters

Users have additional parameters to refine search like Class, Carrier, Flight Number and Direct Flights.

Flight details

Users can access flight details per flight: Flight Number, Carrier, Duration, Distance, Aircraft, Operating Carrier and Fare Rules.
What's new: Aircraft and Fare Rules

Extensive filters

Results can be filtered by Price, Departure time, Marketing Carrier and number of Stops.
What's new: Marketing Carrier and number of Stops.

Checked Baggage

Immediate visual and detailed access to the checked baggage allowed.

Itinerary summary

An itinerary summary is always present so that the user can see what he is booking at any moment.

Pricing breakdown

The pricing is shown by PTC and breakdown by Fare, Taxes and Service Fee and if necessary specific taxes may be itemized per market to comply with legal market requirements (e.g. tax GST for Australian market - tax code UO - charged on domestic Australian journeys).
What's new: Custom itemized taxes per market to comply with legal market requirements.


Passenger details support APIS data.


Supports custom remark fields to accommodate user additional information like promo codes or client special requests.

Creates PNRs

A PNR is created in the GDS when the user makes the booking.

SETTINGS | the flexibility you need
Reservations Queue

Define the Queue where you wish to receive the reservations made at TTS WeBook.

Activate direct flight Parameter

When activated, the “Only direct flights” parameter will be shown as selected by default at flight search.

Apply Service Fee only if XP is not applicable

Agencies can define if they want to always apply their Service Fee or do it only when XP is not applicable, to avoid fees accumulation.

Optional Account Verification

If the account verification is activated, an account will only be considered valid if the user confirms his email which prevents bookings from non-existent email addresses. On the other side, if the account verification is deactivated, the email verification process will not take place.

Minimum advance reservation days

Agencies can define the minimum number of days in advance reservations can be made so that it doesn't accept reservations which the difference between the reservation day and the departure day plus 1 is smaller or equal to the minimum advance reservation days defined.
E.g.: if an agency doesn't want to receive reservations starting in the same day the reservation is being made, the agency just needs to insert “1” in this field.

Exception weekdays

It allows agencies to tell the system which weekdays are non-working days.
E.g.1: If a user is trying to make a reservation on a Saturday and the minimum advance reservation days is zero but defined Saturdays and Sundays as Exception Days, the system will only let the user search for a trip that starts on the following Monday or after.
E.g.2: If a user is trying to make a reservation on a Wednesday, the minimum advance reservation days is three and defined Saturdays and Sundays as Exception Days, the system will only let the user search for a trip that starts on the following Monday or after.

Exception days

It allows agencies to enter specific days of the year as non-working days.

Custom Titles

Allows your travel agency to add your own titles so that your clients can be addressed in the way they are used to.

Agency Terms and Conditions

Add your travel agency Terms and Conditions for your clients to read and accept at booking time.

Custom confirmation page text

Agencies can add a custom text to the confirmation page to greet the client or advise about payment details or add other information the agency considers relevant.

Custom confirmation email

Agencies can customize their booking confirmation email: subject, body and footer.

Accept Payment through FOP

Allows your travel agency to request credit card details to the client and adds them to the Form of Payment (FOP) field of the PNR.

Custom remarks management

This section allows agencies to create the remarks that will be added to the PNR. The remarks can either be set to be directly added to the PNR without asking the user to fill-in anything or make them visible on the booking page to receive information from the user (e.g. to support promo codes or allow the user to insert a special request).

Colors customization

Advanced color scheme customization to support full iframe brand integration: 5 parameters available.


Supports XP and Service Fees.
All fees can be set by “Flight Type” (Domestic, International and Intercontinental),
“Journey type” (One Way, Round Trip and Multi-destination) and “Up to” (fare range) which will allow the agency to set the fee depend on the fare amount.
Fees can be set as an absolute value and/or a percentage of the fare amount.

Blacklisted carriers

This section allows agencies to specify the carriers they wish to exclude from the search results.

Recommended Carriers

This section allows agencies to specify the carriers they wish to point out to their users as being the ones the agency recommends.

Private Fares

Supports Cat35, Account Code, Tour Code and Published private fares and users can set private fares for both One Way and Round Trip journey types and add OSI per private fare. Private fares can be exported to an Excel file.




What's in it for you?

Improves service

Offer a 24/7 air booking service to your clients.

Increases productivity

Allows you to offer booking autonomy to those clients that prefer to handle their own flight search and booking speeding up the booking process but without losing the proximity and security of the personal relation that characterizes small agencies service.

Adds value

Add flight booking to your online services and increase your business opportunities.

Brings cost efficiency

Another sales channel with minimum investment.

Information request

If you would like additional information or request a demo just let us know below.