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What's new

TTS WeBook brings the flexibility you need in an air internet booking engine while maintaining its focus on simplicity.

color customization & iframe responsiveness

Advanced color scheme customization supports full brand integration and iframe responsiveness will make it look good on mobile browsing too.

define your reservation days logic

Allows agencies to input their Minimum Advance Reservation days, Exception Weekdays and Exception Days to reflect the agencies working hours and booking processing timings.

customize your booking confirmation content

Add your personal touch and relevant information like payment details to the communication that is sent to your clients by customizing the confirmation page text and the confirmation email content.

Request payment for your bookings

Activate payments and request credit card details to your customers.

blacklist carriers and highlight the ones you recommend

Add your blacklisted carriers to remove them from flight results and highlight the ones you recommend.

add custom remarks

Add custom fields to your booking page to allow travellers to add additional information to the booking such as promo codes or special requests.

What's in it for you?

Improves service

Offer a 24/7 air booking service to your clients.

Increases productivity

Allows you to offer booking autonomy to those clients that prefer to handle their own flight search and booking speeding up the booking process but without losing the proximity and security of the personal relation that characterizes small agencies service.

Adds value

Add flight booking to your online services and increase your business opportunities.

Brings cost efficiency

Another sales channel with minimum investment.

Information request

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