Developing solutions for the travel industry


Travel Technology used by TTS for travel agents

We use the most modern technologies in the infrastructure to ensure the highest availability rates (uptime), high performance and full redundancy across all components.



Safety is an important element in TTS systems operations. For this reason, TTS uses Rackspace Intelligent Monitoring Services that tests our solutions every 5 minutes, alerting our support team if any system fails or miss performs. It works as "Early Alert System", warning the maintenance teams of any detected system failure, all this, 24/7.



To ensure total data confidentiality, all communications from client to server, including the entire technical infrastructure are made using 256bit SSL technology.


Geographic Distribution

To ensure greater performance and better response times, TTS uses datacenters in Europe and in the United States to guarantee that each market has the best possible access to our applications.


Distributed Load Balance

The use of Distributed Load Balancing technologies allows a dynamic management of the load distribution by the various components, including the automatic replacement of a faulty component by a perfectly working one. These technologies allow us to provide higher service uptime.


Cloud Computing

The use of cloud computing technologies allow us to automatically scale the infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and at the same time ensuring a high level of reliability, redundancy and stability of all components of the services provided by TTS.